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About us…

A long tradition of craftsmanship in the production of panels, screens, booths, objects and sound-absorbing forms, standard and designed

Acoustic Blumi represents a strong link between design and craftsmanship, where the customer is in a privileged position to understand, perceive and appreciate the excellence of our production, identifying in it a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity.



We realize projects with guarantee materials to provide you the best solutions able to respond to technical and design needs.

Our production technique characterized by an excellent craftsmanship, allows us to create products of every sizes, using traditional geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, parallelograms, polygons, circles and ellipses, or customized shapes tailored to every need and integrating, where required, lights for direct or indirect lighting and loudspeakers.

Ensuring to each room the correct acoustic situation for the various uses, with the right level and the right sound quality, means living it with maximum comfort and, in the case of working or public places, with maximum working functionality.


Innovation, both in terms of processes and materials is, for Acustic Blumi, the way to keep alive and unvaried the quality of our work and the growth of our company.

That’s why part of our business is dedicated to researching and experimenting with the best sound-absorbing materials, we study and try to bring benefits to our products by integrating new acoustic solutions and other elements such as lights, textile and digital devices.

Innovation for us, it is also a constant commitment to the improvement of our production processes that allow us to optimize both the part of the processing and that relating to installation and assistance to the final customer.

To do this, we are supported and assisted by international partners from different sectors, who put their experience and technologies at the service of our products.


Globality and international competition are for Blumi, the opportunity to strengthen their competitive advantage.

Being an insider in different geographical areas enables us not only to maintain and develop our commercial penetration, but also to take advantage of the resources and knowledge of each country.

For these reasons, since the beginning of its business, Blumi was interested in expanding into foreign markets as a source of possibilities, opportunities, experiences and contaminations, bringing with it the distinctive feature of Made in Italy that the international market recognizes as an important added value.

Today Blumi boasts a significant presence in countries such as France, Holland, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as in Italy; countries where, beyond Italian creativity, are required rigour, quality and methodology as fundamental features of a great business.


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